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NEW DESIGN---Aluminum Honeycomb Anti-static Floor

            Recently, the company successfully developed Aluminum Honeycomb Anti-static Floor. Aluminum Honeycomb Floor has the following five advantages:

1. Own weight is light. The floor of size 500 × 500 × 30mm, concentrated load FS1000, the weight is only 3.3kg, will not increase the burden to building itself.

2. Compared to other floors with the same advantages of light weight, like the resin floors or the wood core raised floor, Aluminum Honeycomb Floor’s capability of fire prevention and anti-corrosive is superior.

3. New product is composed entirely of aluminum and steel, can be completely recycled. Is affordable and green.

4. Although own weight is light, the maximum loading capacity can reach FS2000.

5. Aluminum honeycomb raised-floor has four screw holes on the surface corners in order to strengthen it. It’s better to provide the feeling of walking.

Because of these five advantages, aluminum honeycomb raised-floor is very suitable for the office and computer room’s decoration and installation. If your company can introduce this product, it must be able to play role in expanding your company's future market.

In addition, our company's calcium sulfate raised-floor, now has a price advantage because of the technical improvements. If you are interested, please contact us.

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